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Innovative Gloves was founded in 2001 by Mr. Rajeev Sood. Having served the industry since 1986 and a disruptor by nature, Mr. Sood decided it was time to build one of the best glove production facilities Thailand had seen.

Mr. Sood's dream didn't take long to materialize. Bridging the most advanced state-of-the-art technology and a seasoned team of professionals - many of whom had 20+ years of experience in dipping technology and latex - Innovative Gloves was conceived on a land of 20 acres and commissioned in September of 2001.

Despite facing humble beginnings in a tough economic climate where big players were openly out to destroy competition, Innovative Gloves' dedication to producing only the highest quality gloves for its end-users has always managed to pull it through, making it the most renowned and prestigious quality manufacturer in Thailand today.

So much so that not one container till date has been rejected by a buyer.


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Our Premium Products

Micro Diamond TM


With patents in large countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand and within the EU, the EN 374 Certified Micro Diamond Texture glove surpasses all certification requirements and is resistant to all chemicals required by most industries.


The glove features a snug fit and unlike traditional household or food processing gloves, the glove fits closer to the skin, providing better grip and comfort for longer use. Try and compare them yourself and see which you'd rather work in.
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Designed with different use cases in mind, the glove provides the best grip externally in both wet and dry situation through its unique Micro Diamond Texture, as well as reduced hand slippage on the inside. Unlike traditional diamond texture gloves, this patented texture provides more diamonds per square inch, increasing the surface area of the glove and thus allowing for the best grip possible.


They are not hand specific therefore you don't have to split a pair to replace a damaged glove.

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Gripper TM


With patents in the largest countries in the world, the 7 mil nitrile gripper provides the ultimate hand protection from various chemicals, dirt and grease with added safety as well as comfortable grip for all industries.


They are not hand specific therefore you don't have to split a pair to replace a damaged glove.



The Gripper was one of the first gloves designed with best grip in mind. It was designed to provide the best grip in the industry, and its TYRE TREAD pattern provides users just that. With the patented Gripper, you can confidently grip objects the same way your tyres grip roads, and at the same time keep you safe from harmful chemicals.

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Who We Are

Today IGCL produces no less than 1 billion gloves annually and are ever expanding. The basic infrastructures have already been (successfully) installed with boilers erected and further expansions to come once all the necessary training to cope with the growth is completed. IGCL does not believe in expanding productions without ensuring that the promised growth is equally distributed across all segments of the company starting with production, quality assurance, administration and training. Regular emphasis on developing new products and bringing in new technologies has not only made IGCL a survivor in the industry, but also created a niche segment of buyers whose intentions are to bring and introduce something different to the market.

With a strong commitment to producing high quality gloves in an environment that is equally regarded and cared for through sound CSR policies, IGCL has become one of the top exporters of nitrile and latex examination gloves, meeting and surpassing all relevant standards worldwide.

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