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Established in 2001, Innovative Gloves is a privately owned, globally recognized manufacturer of premium nitrile and latex gloves, situated in the vibrant city of Hat Yai, Thailand.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Today, Innovative Gloves proudly produces over 1 billion gloves annually and continues to expand its horizons. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes cutting-edge boiler installations, with further expansions on the horizon, pending the completion of essential training programs. We firmly believe in the responsible growth of our operations, ensuring that progress is felt across all facets of our company, from production and quality assurance to administration and workforce development.

Driving Innovation

At Innovative Gloves, innovation is at the core of our mission. We are dedicated to creating new products and incorporating the latest technologies. This commitment has not only established us as a strong presence in the industry but has also attracted a distinctive group of discerning buyers who are eager to bring fresh ideas to the market.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Innovative Gloves takes environmental stewardship seriously. As the first glove producer in southern Thailand to adopt clean coal-burning technology, we've reduced our environmental footprint significantly. Our dedication to sustainability also extends to how we manage wastewater. The remarkable clarity of the treated water in our ponds has even allowed us to support a thriving population of edible fish, which as a gesture of goodwill, we happily donate to nearby villages as part of our ongoing charitable efforts.

Going Green

Our passion for environmental sustainability is best exemplified by our lush factory grounds. Each of our employees has planted individual trees on our premises, transforming our factory into one of the most picturesque in the region. We've also established a delightful orchard boasting an array of fruits, including the finest mangoes, guavas, and rambutans.

Quality, Responsibility, Excellence

Innovative Gloves is not just about producing high-quality nitrile and latex gloves; we're also about doing so in an environment that we cherish and nurture. Through robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, we've earned our place as one of the leading exporters of nitrile and latex examination gloves, consistently meeting and surpassing global standards.

The IGCL Philosophy

At Innovative Gloves, we hold a fundamental belief that our stewardship of Mother Earth mirrors the care we show to our own mothers.
It is this unwavering commitment that drives us to ensure a sustainable and responsible future for all.

Thank you for considering Innovative Gloves as your trusted partner in the world of premium gloves. We look forward to serving your needs with excellence and integrity.
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