100% Water Harvesting

Water consumption in the production of gloves is very critical to the process of producing high quality gloves. Good quality gloves require a lot of water to help in many ways. For latex gloves, it helps reducing the extractable protein content. In nitrile gloves, it helps make a strong glove and reduce the natural odor of the synthetic rubber used. Without plenty of good quality water, you can face many issues such as poor donning, sticky gloves, smelly gloves, and even bleached/ugly looking gloves.

Innovative understands that water is a very important resource in glove manufacturing, and also understands that water is hard to come by and is a very delicate, expensive and important resource. Wasting water is not good for both society and the environment. Thus, Innovative has taken the initiative since the start to harvest all water, from rain to production, and use different forms of filtration to clean and purify it for re-use, be it in production or in the river that flows by our factory.

In fact, the water we harvest is so pure, that the ponds in our factory are home to thousands of edible fish that are shared with our employees and villagers to enjoy on a regular basis. Some of these fish are beyond 15 kgs in weight!

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