Hand Picked Raw Materials

Innovative Gloves believes quality is everything. We do not produce cheap, mass produced goods, we produce and provide a good experience. Innovative Gloves views glove production like food preparation. Like any fine dining meal, the only way to produce the finest is through quality ingredients and following a tried and tested and accepted recipe.

Similiary, Innovative Gloves was built upon a foundation of decades of experience from the finest in the industry. These minds came together with a goal to provide the best gloves possible, and after years of searching, developing and perfecting the recipe, today Innovative is proud of it's suppliers who hold the same idealogies as ourselves. We ensure our suppliers follow the same practices we do, including and not limited to:

  • Follow labour laws

  • Have strict quality assurance and processes

  • Pricing support to help pass the benefit to our customers when market allows

  • Disallow changes in formulations without prior approval and testing

Due to this, we barely change our suppliers and maintain a good relationship with each one and pay our dues on time. Not once has a Innovative invoice not been paid on time, and we look to maintain this. Just like with our own customers, we look to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers.

That said, we are always open to new suppliers bringing Innovative products into the market.

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