Our Pledge to Ethical Business Partnerships

Our mission may begin with quality, but it doesn't end there.

At Innovative Gloves, our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with our dedication to ethical business practices. We understand that quality begins with responsible sourcing and extends throughout our entire supply chain. As industry veterans with extensive experience and specialized knowledge in raw material procurement, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Our journey began with a mission to provide the highest quality gloves on the market, but we've always believed in doing so with a conscience. After years of relentless effort and refinement, we take pride in our accomplishments and are delighted to partner with those who share our values.

We hold our suppliers to the same ethical standards we set for ourselves, ensuring that they not only provide top-quality raw materials but also uphold the principles of lawful and ethical conduct. Our suppliers commit to:

  • Respecting and upholding human and labor rights, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all employees;

  • Maintaining transparency and integrity, promptly reporting any suspected incidents of fraud or conflicts of interest;

  • Condemning all forms of corrupt activity, including abuse of power, bribery, and extortion;

  • Adhering to stringent quality assurance processes, requiring prior approval and testing for any changes in formulations.

Connection and collaboration are integral to our identity and business model. We meticulously vet our suppliers in accordance with our social and environmental compliance guidelines. Once a formal partnership is established, we maintain long-term relationships, only reconsidering when a partner no longer aligns with our standards of competence and ethical conduct.

At Innovative Gloves, we believe that ethical business practices are fundamental to creating a better world, one pair of gloves at a time.

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