Clean Coal Burning Technology

During the oil crisis in 2007, many factories (not just in the glove industry) were facing major issues as oil prices rose by over 300% within days. The burden of these costs could not be shifted to customers overnight and had to be bourne by companies, and many drowned in debt this caused.

Fortunately for Innovative, our think-tank were quick to react to this and had applied for coal burning permit from the government. During this time, the government received several applications for factories requesting this permit, but they were very, very hesitant on giving them away. The main reason for this was that most companies misuse this permit and burn dirty, polluting coal that ruins both the atmosphere and hurts the environment.

Having a great reputation in the industry and society, the government had no hesitation in giving Innovative Gloves this permit. We promised to spend extra to purchase the highest quality of coal imported from Indonesia to ensure that the least amount of pollutants is released into the atmosphere. In fact, if you visit our facilities, you will never see any smoke coming from our chimneys nor smell any pollution the way you would in many other factories. This is a 100% guarantee and you can come see for yourself!

Innovative Gloves now has 3 clean coal burning boilers/heaters that provide ample heat to support 14 production lines. In fact, the most recent boiler was majorly built in-house to meet our own custom needs and supports cutting edge technology to keep the environment clean and also reduce coal consumption by increasing efficiency of the burning through our own research and development!

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