Micro Diamond Textured Nitrile Gloves

Our latest invention was inspired by our team of engineers. At Innovative Gloves, our team looks for new ways of improving their work efficiency. In thinking of better grips, we thought of all the things that provide good grip without impacting comfort and visual aspects.

It then hit us that the bench vice located in our engineering facilities provided immense grip, and the secret to their strength lied in the micro diamond type texture on the inside of the vice. It wasn't long before we incorporated this design into our gloves and patented the glove for mass production and world wide sales.

The gloves have now picked up a lot of traction as they are significantly cheaper than the old diamond textured design and provide better grip in oily conditions and also provide much more comfort.

How We Do It

Dedicated Research and Development Team
Innovative Glove's has an RnD team that is dedicated to solve any problem and also keep the manufacturing process ahead of it's time, and that gives us the edge over our competitors.
Common Team Goal
From the beginning, Innovative has been a pioneer of the industry, looking to innovate new products and technologies and cater to the niche of the market.
We Care For One and All
Whether it is the user or the planet, Innovative Gloves cares for each stakeholder when it comes to each and every glove.

Other Specialties

Extremely Tough Grip at Extremely Low Costs!

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