Tyre Tread Textured Nitrile Gloves

The tyre tread texture was our first patented product that was released to the market in 2015. The inspiration for this design came directly from the CEO after his invention of the classic diamond textured glove. The idea came to him while watching racing on the television, where he noticed the cars are able to keep amazing traction despite traveling at superfast speeds.

It was just a matter of time with the support of the RND team that the gloves were slowly mass produced and although the diamond textured design offers a better grip and traction, the gripper provides much more grip in oily conditions, and makes it the perfect glove for the automotive segment. These gloves allow oils to slip through the seams, giving the user good grip in watery or oily conditions.

These gloves come in two thicknesses (6 and 7 mil), and multiple colors ranging from Black, Orange, Red, Green, or even custom shades.

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Innovative Glove's has an RnD team that is dedicated to solve any problem and also keep the manufacturing process ahead of it's time, and that gives us the edge over our competitors.
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From the beginning, Innovative has been a pioneer of the industry, looking to innovate new products and technologies and cater to the niche of the market.
We Care For One and All
Whether it is the user or the planet, Innovative Gloves cares for each stakeholder when it comes to each and every glove.

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