Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

Today’s waste build up is leading people towards a more green approach of life. Slowly but surely, everything is heading towards biodegradable products. Nitrile gloves, which are essentially plastic-based products are not naturally biodegradable, and this is a problem because gloves are used by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis, and these all end up in landfills.

Innovative Gloves has worked on a special formula that can be added to the glove manufacturing process that allows the nitrile compound in gloves to degrade upon contact with soil. These gloves are able to biodegrade in anaerobic environments and are also specifically designed so that they biodegrade in landfills, thus not impacting the quality during use. The gloves remain free from latex protein and this helps prevent and avoid hypersensitivity reactions seen in Latex gloves.

The gloves have been tested under ASTM D5511 methods and have shown methane release over time caused by biodegradation.

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Dedicated Research and Development Team
Innovative Glove's has an RnD team that is dedicated to solve any problem and also keep the manufacturing process ahead of it's time, and that gives us the edge over our competitors.
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From the beginning, Innovative has been a pioneer of the industry, looking to innovate new products and technologies and cater to the niche of the market.
We Care For One and All
Whether it is the user or the planet, Innovative Gloves cares for each stakeholder when it comes to each and every glove.

Recommended Products

  • 4 Mil Fully Textured Biodegradable Nitrile

    Through our intensive research and development, we were able to produce a biodegradable glove that only starts degradation upon contact with soil, and has no impact on the glove properties during use.

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