Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Certified -
4 Pillars

Sedex Smeta Audit 4 Pillar Certified

SMETA Audit Overview

At Innovative Gloves Co., Ltd, we are committed to upholding ethical manufacturing practices. While the global manufacturing landscape has witnessed the blacklisting of several industry giants due to ethical lapses, we’ve taken proactive steps to ensure transparency and compliance. Our recent certification by Sedex through TUV's auditing team stands as a testament to this commitment. In this article, we aim to provide insights into this audit, its key components, and the advantages it brings to our stakeholders.

What is Sedex?

Sedex, which stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting businesses in effectively managing ethical concerns through comprehensive on-site audits. Through its online platform, Sedex facilitates the exchange of ethical data among buyers, sellers, suppliers, and auditors, ensuring transparency in audit results. If you wish to access our audit details on the Sedex platform, please feel free to reach out to us to establish a business relationship.

What is SMETA?

SMETA, or Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, represents a collection of best practices in ethical auditing developed by Sedex. Rather than being an independent standard or certification process, SMETA serves as a framework comprising high-quality audit protocols designed to complement existing ethical auditing practices. The primary goal of SMETA is to streamline efforts, minimize redundancy, and enable members of the Associate Auditor Group (AAG) to seamlessly share audit findings. SMETA reports are readily available within the SEDEX system, promoting transparency and efficient information sharing.

What are the differences between 2-Pillar and 4-Pillar certifications?

Within the SMETA methodology, two distinct Sedex audits are conducted: the 2-Pillar and the 4-Pillar audits.

The 2-Pillar audit focuses on two critical areas:
  • Labor standards
  • Health and safety practices
In contrast, the 4-Pillar audit is more comprehensive, encompassing the elements of the 2-Pillar audit while introducing two additional modules:
  • Environmental assessment
  • Business ethics

It is worth noting that achieving success in the 4-Pillar factory audit can be a great challenge for many companies. Many grapple with meeting social and labor standards, including minimum wage compliance, adherence to working and resting hours, overtime regulations, and the provision of suitable working conditions and benefits. These challenges often stem from the need for factories to manage costs efficiently. For companies that have undergone Sedex audits, while the commitment to improving working conditions for employees may lead to marginal increases in production costs, it underscores their dedication to ethical practices.

Contact us to get our Sedex Reference Number and create a relationship with us to see our audit details.

The Innovative Promise

Innovative Gloves Co., Ltd has upheld ethical and social responsibility principles from day one. We not only promise these minimum standards but consistently strive to surpass them, maintaining our pioneering status in the industry:

  • Best Pay

    Regular Pay and Overtime Pay exceeds local laws.

  • No Forced Labour

    Zero Tolerance for Forced/Bonded/Involuntary labour

  • No Passport Retention

    Workers have full custody of their belongings.

  • Additional Security

    Workers on premise have security guards and nurses on hand.

  • No Forced Overtime

    Overtime complies with labour laws and done based on voluntary basis.

  • Pristine Housing

    Equipped with toilets, drinking water, beds and lockers.

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