Medical Industry

Safety and comfort is very crucial in the medical industry. There is a quick turnaround of gloves in this industry, therefore most companies try to keep glove costs low, which in turn affects performance and happiness of doctors and dentists around the world. Due to this, many manufacturers around the world are ruining glove quality to reduce costs so that they can win business by selling low cost, low quality gloves. These gloves, if you ask any doctor, nurse or dentist, are hated by everyone. Some doctors even double layer their gloves because they dont trust the quality of the gloves they wear. Not just that, when they don their gloves, half the times the gloves rip in the process.

Innovative Gloves was one of the first companies to launch the 3 mil nitrile glove, the thinnest nitrile glove possible. With our experience in this industry, we have been able to strengthen our thinnest glove line, and also keep costs as competitive as possible. Whilst most companies use fillers to increase the weight of their gloves, they are replacing nitrile content, making the gloves very weak, causing them to break while donning. Innovative does not do this, and this is why our thinnest gloves are as strong as our thick gloves.

Doctors and dentists worldwide use our gloves, and when they move to us, they never want to move back. Our process provides them with trust, comfort and many other benefits which is why they never look back.

Product Features

  • Worldwide medical safety compliant

  • Developed specially for medical markets

  • Guaranteed comfort over prolonged use

  • Options for both latex and latex-free

  • Guaranteed AQL of better than 1.5

  • Extreme strength, guaranteed not to rip

  • Ambidexterous

  • Smooth donning

Recommended Products

  • 4 Mil Blue Fully Textured Nitrile

    The 4 mil glove is the go-to glove for all medical applications. Thicker than the 3 mil, it provides more comfort, superior strength, and is cost-effective enough that you can use and throw these gloves without hurting the bank balance.

  • 3 Mil White/Violet Fully Textured Nitrile

    The 3 mil glove is the go to choice for the cheapest nitrile glove. What sets us apart from others in the industry is that we do not put any fillers in making this glove. Thus, our 3 mil nitrile glove is the strongest glove for this thickness you can ever find. We are not the cheapest, but you are guaranteed quality, and you will save more since your customers will use less.

  • 6 Mil Fully Textured Latex

    The low protein with negligible residual content off line chlorinated latex gloves have remarkable high unmatched quality. Each glove is washed off line with more than 12 litres of water to ensure very easy slip-in donning feature. The gloves have been tested and certified for zero skin irritation & sensitization and also provide Level 6 protection against sodium hydroxide 40%. The gloves are a go to for doctors and dentists worldwide.

Gloves you can trust as much as your doctor.

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How We Do It

Off Line Chlorination
Innovative Gloves is one of the only manufacturers to carry out off line chlorination. This is a very expensive and resource heavy process, but Innovative manages to keep costs low through its efficient systems.
12 Stages of Quality Control
Each glove produced is hand picked and goes through 12 stages of quality control before being hand packed into boxes for use.
We Care and Listen
Innovative believes that the customer should always be happy, and we go a step beyond to give the customer everything they want.

Additional Information

  • Blue, White, Purple, Natural, Various
  • Box, Zipper Bags, Custom
  • 24, 50, 100
  • 5, 10 or Custom inners per carton
  • 240, 290, 300 MM
  • YES

Quality Guaranteed!

Our gloves are tested to be comfortable even after hours of use.
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