Household Industry

Generally there are two safety needs in the food processing industry: low care and high care. Besides this, each user has their own preference of choosing between latex and nitrile gloves based on user's comfort. Depending on what specific type of food processing application you are dealing with, we have the right glove for you.

Innovative Gloves is one of the only manufacturers to carry out off line chlorination. This is a very, very labour intensive, time and resource consuming, dangerous and tedious process. However, with Innovative's strong and dedicated workforce, we are able to carry out this operation to ensure our latex gloves have near-neglible extractable protein content. These make it the perfect latex glove for food processing.

The diamond texture on our gloves is an added bonus for grip and safety.

Product Features

  • Worldwide food safety compliant

  • Developed specially for engineering markets

  • Guaranteed comfort over prolonged use

  • Multiple fits (snug and loose)

  • Maximum resistance to chemical splashes

  • Extra thick, maximum protection

  • Ambidexterous

  • Enhanced strength

Recommended Products

  • Patented 9 Mil Royal Blue Micro Diamond Textured Nitrile

    Our patented snug fit 9 mil micro diamond textured nitrile glove fits perfectly over your hands. This glove is perfect for giving a close feel of the food and tools without the need of any cotton liners, and reduces your costs. The micro diamonds provide the perfect grip to grab onto anything the kitchen or factory can throw at you. These gloves offer minimum guaranteed tensile strength of 22MPa with a force at break of 6N. This glove meets all Food Grades and is CAT III & EN-374 Certified.

  • 14 Mil Blue Diamond Textured Silverlined Latex

    The 14 mil thick silver lined latex gloves are the go-to choice for anyone looking for latex food processing gloves. These consist of our trademark diamond texture for superb grip and are a good alternative to replace all canners and household latex gloves. These perfect gloves can be used for all sorts of food processing. They can be used multiple times and are also suitable to be worn over a thin cotton sleeve in cold storage conditions. These gloves comply with all food handling certifications.

  • 5 Mil Fully Textured Nitrile

    For some people, the basics are good enough for any job. Our 5 Mil Nitrile is proven to be the strongest, most durable glove in the market at this thickness. This glove can be used for any job and will never disappoint. It comes in many colors too!

Gloves that keep both homes and hands safe and clean.

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How We Do It

Off Line Chlorination
Innovative Gloves is one of the only manufacturers to carry out off line chlorination. This is a very expensive and resource heavy process, but Innovative manages to keep costs low through its efficient systems.
12 Stages of Quality Control
Each glove produced is hand picked and goes through 12 stages of quality control before being hand packed into boxes for use.
We Care and Listen
Innovative believes that the customer should always be happy, and we go a step beyond to give the customer everything they want.

Additional Information

  • Blue, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Black
  • Polybag, Box, Zipper Bags, Custom
  • 12, 20, 24, 25, 50 gloves per inner
  • 5, 10 or Custom inners per carton
  • 240, 290, 300 MM
  • YES

Quality Guaranteed!

Our gloves are tested to be comfortable even after hours of use.
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