Construction Industry

Safety is crucial in the construction industry. We at Innovative take pride in producing one of the worlds best heavy duty, thick gloves that help keep prevent several different types of accidents at construction sites. Our construction gloves are sold by several Fortune 500 companies across the globe and we are the go-to manufacturer because we can provide low-cost, low-MOQ customization on your gloves.

Our speciality is that even though our gloves are very thick, users are able to maintain the same flexibility and comfort they would expect from thinner gloves through prolonged use. This is through our research and development, we have found the perfect formulation to achieve high tensile strength and chemical resistance without affecting flexibility.

Product Features

  • Fully certified

  • Developed specially for engineering markets

  • Guaranteed comfort over prolonged use

  • Touchscreen friendly

  • Maximum resistance to chemical splashes

  • 100% Latex Free

  • Ambidexterous

  • Enhanced strength

Recommended Products

  • Patented 8 Mil Black Micro Diamond Textured Nitrile

    The patented micro diamond textured glove is a cost efficient alternative to the luxurious diamond textured glove. Matching the grip of the diamond texture through increased diamonds per square inch, the micro diamond texture allows for oils to slide through the surface while maintaining premium grip in any condition.

    The 8 mil option offers superb strength, protection and comfort.

  • 8 Mil Black Diamond Textured Nitrile

    This thick, raised diamond textured nitrile glove provides superb chemical resistance with an additional grip factor, ensuring you will always have a control of things when working with any parts. This glove is also available in long cuff if required!

    The orange color offers a high visibility aspect to provide additional safety for users.

  • 8 Mil Black Fully Textured Nitrile

    For some people, the basics is good enough for any job. Our 8 Mil Nitrile is proven to be the strongest, most durable glove in the market. This glove can be used for any job and will never disappoint. It comes in many colors too!

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How We Do It

12 Stages of Quality Control
Each glove produced is hand picked and goes through 12 stages of quality control before being hand packed into boxes for use.
Patented Designs
Innovative Gloves is true to its name and spends a lot of time and care in developing new products that cater to different markets.
We Care and Listen
Innovative believes that the customer should always be happy, and we go a step beyond to give the customer everything they want.

Additional Information

  • Black, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • 20, 25, 50 gloves per box
  • 5, 10 boxes per carton
  • 240, 290 MM
  • Industrial
  • YES

Quality Guaranteed!

Our gloves are tested to be comfortable even after hours of use.
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